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CAP Children’s Carnival is coming to Karachi on 6th March 2016!

It is a fun-packed event for the whole family. Experience delicious food, entertainment, games and activities for children of all ages, face painting, arts and crafts and so much more! Our popular Pakistan Challenge trivia is back this year and we have ‘upped’ the game – are you up to the challenge?!

Stalls are available for food and products such as clothing, household items, jewellery, handicrafts, novelty items, etc.

To book stalls, please contact

+92-332-2541272 | +92-332-2420471 |

If you’d like to volunteer for the carnival, please send your applicationsto:

mrs-zeenat-haroon-imageThe CAP OHP team had the honour of interviewing Mrs. Zeenat Haroon, the daughter of Sir Abdullah Haroon on 4th November 2015. Mrs.Haroon was born on 21st January 1928 in Karachi.

Mrs. Harroon has had the incredible pleasure of meeting the Quaid-e-Azam and interacting with him at multiple occasions. She described him as noble, principled and an honourable man.

An incident she fondly recalled during her interview was the creation of the Pakistani flag; the flag of Muslim league was to be revised in order to incorporate a portion representative of the minorities existent in the country. The first time the new flag was presented to the Quaid, a narrow white strip had been added to it, however, he commanded that it should be taken back for further alteration. The reason for such a reaction was that 30% of Pakistan’s population consisted of minorities and he felt that therefore, a corresponding ratio of the flag should have been allocated to them. He felt that it was important to be fair and just in the smallest to the largest of things; that is how sincere and genuine the Founder of our country was.


The CAP Outreach Tours encourage students to share their ideas and understanding with the facilitators and other students.

Workshops on the theme of cultural diversity in Karachi were held at one of the partner schools where students learned about the various small communities residing in Karachi. Students were able to appreciate the sub-cultures of these communities, whose lifestyle is influenced by their occupations and origin.

In another partner school, workshops were conducted on connecting the past with the present and students were able to explore and appreciate the inventions and innovations that have taken place through the ages.

In addition, students were familiarized with the historical river civilizations present in the region of Sindh. An overview of the city of Moen-Jo-Daro and development in the region in cities such as Larkana was discussed.

The College Outreach Tours program also started during the last month. The team reached out to college students and briefed them about workshops that will be conducted during the course of this term. Students showed great interest in topics such as poverty and development, media, and education, which will be taught in future CAP workshops. These workshops work towards instilling tolerance, as well as problem-solving skills and enhanced communication skills.

The CAP SHEEP Mobile Library took its first tour to Frere Hall providing access to books and offering the experience of storytelling to the children present in park. The street children in the park enjoyed listening to the stories narrated by the CAP team. Sessions on story analysis also continued in partner schools and the book drive for Urdu books is on-going.



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