CAP Children’s Carnival is coming to Karachi on 6th March 2016!
It is a fun-packed event for the whole family. Experience delicious food, entertainment, games and activities for children of all ages, face painting, arts and crafts and so much more! Our popular Pakistan Challenge trivia is back this year and we have ‘upped’ the game – are you up to the challenge?!

Stalls are available for food and products such as clothing, household items, jewellery, handicrafts, novelty items, etc.

To book stalls, please contact

+92-332-2541272 | +92-332-2420471 |

If you’d like to volunteer for the carnival, please send your applications to:

Hidden in the Gizri marketplace was the Farooqi household, a comfortable family home in Karachi, a city buzzing with life. The man we were going to meet with, though, had a dark past. He survived some of the most difficult days of Partition. Bilal Farooqi, hailing from Patiala, spent three months in a refugee campohp-image in his hometown on his way to Pakistan. After stories of violence peppered print-media and circulated through word-of-mouth, his family felt it was not safe to stay home. They ventured out in a truck where he and his mother held on from the back, hanging on a ledge. This journey led them to a refugee camp where people were starving to death amidst terrible sanitary conditions. He survived on food rations and slept outdoors wherever he could find a place amongst the bodies. On the worse days, he would eat grass to survive. Eventually, he made it to Pakistan, and was a successful textile engineer, but the days of Partition would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life.

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