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“Along with quality education, it is vital for us to empower these children with the confidence to reason and rationalize. Education without the ability to think independently is of no use.” – Mikail Soomro, School Outreach Tours Co-ordinator, Karachi

The School Outreach Tours program strives to inspire over three thousand children in Karachi and Lahore’s most low-income neighborhoods. We aim to educate children (Class 6 – 8) with our carefully planned syllabi. CAP’s lesson plans excel the perimeter of basic knowledge and information. Our lesson plans focus on History, Geography, Social Studies, English Language, and more importantly on character building. Aside from motivating each individual child our emphasis also lies in encouraging communities towards thinking logically and promoting equal gender parity through the use of film, spoken work and photography. With visual rendering as the foremost tool, we have designed various projects to incite the youth.

Our School Outreach Tour (SOT) works with children in Karachi’s most low-income neighbourhoods to develop a culture of tolerance, critical thinking and an understanding of the country’s history and heritage.

Our curriculum employs non-traditional teaching methods such as photographs, cartoons and animations, film screenings, quizzes, interactive art activities, puppet shows, debates and discussions that draw from material from our archives

A research study conducted by CAP in five government schools in early 2009 concluded that students needed to develop critical thinking skills and gain broader perspectives because current teaching methods relied heavily on rote learning and the curriculum imparted a narrow world view.

Our partner schools include government primary and secondary schools serving children from Sultanabad, Neelam Colony, and Abdullah Shah Ghazi,Soldier Bazaar,Jacob Lines and Cantonment areas.The schools that we have on board are as follows: Government Girls Secondary School Intelligence.Sultanabad,Government Boys Secondary School MAO Sultanabad,Government Boys Lower-Secondary School Katri Islamiya Shah Rasool Colony,Manzil Educational Organization.Bath Island,The Garage School.Tauheed Commercial Area,Ack Ack Bulandi School.Zamzama,Government Boys Elementary School Hatim Ali Alvi.Keamari,Government Girls Secondary School #1 (Morning).Cantt,Government Girls Secondary School #2 (Afternoon).Cantt.Government Boys School Azmat Islam.Mahmoodabad,Government Girls Secondary School, Abdullah Shah Ghazi,Government Boys Secondary School Jacob Lines 1.Saddar,Government Girls Secondary School Jacob Lines 1.Saddar,Government Girls & Boys Secondary School Jacob Lines 2 Jacon Lines, Sadar,Muslim Association Govt. Girls Secondary School Jacob Lines.Saddar,Govt. S.D. Abro Girls Secondary SchoolSoldier Bazar.

We have developed our own curriculum which uses non-traditional mediums creating Imagination Stations and material from our archive such as oral histories, archival video footage, photographs, newspapers, letters, official correspondence and other such archival material. The Imagination Stations feature 3-D images of historical photographs, cartoons and animations, film screenings, quizzes, interactive art activities, puppet shows, debates and discussions.

The response thus far has been tremendous – with more than twenty schools in line for our Imagination Stations. Our lesson plans exceed the parameter of just basic knowledge and information as we focus on character building classes aswell, such as compassion and tolerance and how they are the key principles in forming individual personalities.

Our team also disseminates its educational materials, including textbooks, teacher resource kits and multimedia resources to educators in interior Sindh and Punjab. Teacher training workshops have also been held to brief teachers about how to implement CAP’s vision in schools across Pakistan.

We have so far worked with over 2500 students in government schools and It is our hope that by starting a productive dialogue about the nation’s past, we can influence school curriculums, teaching methods and textbooks for the next generation of Pakistanis.

We are looking to expand – reach more students in more schools first across the city and provide them with more resources, and next across the country. The School Outreach Tour has been launched in Lahore!

Students at the boys college actively participating in the discussion, filling forms and helping the teachers make a time line

A group picture of students and the Team celebrating the last workshop for Year 1.

Girls filling out post feedback forms.

A student delivering his Homework on Gender differences to the class.

A student from one of our partner schools posing for the camera "Miss meri photo bhi kheenchein!!"

One of our SOT teachers explaining the students about how people migrated from one country to another after the independence of Pakistan and India.

Students enjoying one of the videos designed in-house showing Zainoo and Nanoo exploring the provinces of Pakistan and teaching the students the geography of Pakistan

"Kashmir na Pakistan ko dein na India ko, Japan ko de dein" (Don't give Kashmir to Pakistan or India, give it to Japan) exclaimed this 12 year old boy from one of our partner schools.

A teacher training workshop conducted by CAP Outreach Tours teachers in one of our partner schools.

A student engrossed in reading the “Muslim League and Congress” handout.

An interactive session in progress, at one of our SOT partner schools.

Actions speak louder than words!

If you wish to be a critical thinker: Keep your eyes open!

Recording personal experience of a student.

A great teacher “inspires”!

Be focused on clarity.

A teacher giving her best.

Following the leader.

Challenges faced with a smile.

Leaders in the making.

Back to back with the Indian National Congress.

Voice your ideas!

Learning step by step.

Envisioning a brighter future.
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