Qissa Khwani Bazaar

CAP launched a unique series of storytelling sessions to commemorate the legacy of Qissa Khwani Bazaar.

Now merely a physical structure in Peshawar, the market was once pre-partition India’s busiest commercial hubs and it attracted travelling merchants of all ethnicities. These traders would stop at Qissa Khwani and gather in local tea houses where they would exchange stories of their experiences. This practice elevated Qissa Khwani from a simple marketplace into a living, breathing celebration of the tradition of storytelling itself.

CAP recreated the spirit of the historic bazaar. The event took place simultaneously in Islamabad and Lahore in June 2013 while in Karachi the event was held in December 2013. Each evening had a different theme and a different panel of storytellers, all of whom have experienced some of the most momentous events in Pakistan’s history. These individuals shared anecdotes from their lives and careers, which are deeply intertwined with Pakistan’s own rich past and traditions.

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  • Anees Haroon, renowned activist for women's rights in Pakistan, and Mazhar Jameel, scholar and poet, discussing the different social movements in the history of Pakistan
  • The panel of distinguished speakers at the event
  • Zubeida Mustafa, prominent journalist and winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award, discussing the rise of media powerhouses in Pakistan
  • Amarnath Motumal discusses what it feels like to be part of the minority community in Pakistan
  • Audience member listens intently
  • Cyrus Cowasjee prominant philanthropist
  • Hilda Saeed founder of Shirkat Gah
  • Norma Fernandes and Dr. Ruth Pfau discussing the rights of minorities
  • The panel for the session Pakistan An Inclusive Society
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