Lollywood Project

Lollywood, refers to Pakistan’s film industry which is based in Lahore and started in 1929 with the opening of the United Players’ Studios on Ravi Road. The Pakistani film industry is known to have produced some of the most remarkable and talented writers, actors, directors and for introducing pop music to South Asia. The Citizens Archive of Pakistan has preserved a rare collection of film posters and film magazines from Lollywood to honor the efforts of all those that were and are involved in the industry. Films, images, articles and advertisements of films collected from libraries and private collectors have digitized. Our Archive has 60 rare posters in the print form and digitized. As our collection grows, we hope to add rare records of Lollywood hits and original film reels.

  • Photos
  • Artist Faiz Rahi stands with his students and their paintings at the workshop
  • A workshop participant works on her painting
  • A workshop participant adds fiery shades
  • The finished paintings of Lollywood films!
  • The finished paintings on display
  • Painting text in Urdu
  • Filling in paint
  • Faiz Rahi views a participants work
  • A participant adds finishing touches to her painting
  • A workshop participant poses with her painting
  • Workshop participant poses with her finished painting
  • Workshop participant Ayesha, poses with her finished masterpiece
  • Workshop participant poses with her masterpiece
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