Humans of Karachi

Inspired by Brandon Stanton, who started Humans of New York, Khaula Jamil, an independent Freelance Photographer/Photojournalist and CAP started ‘Humans of Karachi’.

Pakistan is one of the most historically rich countries in the world and Karachi one of the fastest growing urban cities in history. Popularly known as the City of Lights, Karachi one of the most diverse places in Asia with over 21 million people, many of whom travelled here from all over the country in search of opportunities. Complex and at times challenging to live in, most Karachiites are resilient survivors with an almost unhealthy passion for their city. These photographs will show you Karachiites in a way some of you may or may not have seen before.

Like The Humans of New York, The Humans of Karachi Project is an effort by CAP to create a photographic census of the city of Karachi as creatively possible.

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  • Photos
  • The boys who flew to Brazil to represent Pakistan in the Street Child World Cup
  • A transvestite on the streets of Karachi "I'm very well respected here. The policemen have kept my name 'Munni Don'. They say my style is quite dangerous."
  • A Sindhi lady with a lovely smile
  • "I met my wife when we were just 16. Ten years later, I guess you can say I married my very best friend."
  • Ibtihaj a brave bomb blast survivor, following his recovery. He's an aspiring pilot and beholder of one of the sweetest smiles on earth.
  • Female protestors take to the streets
  • Two girls have fun while playing with 'rang' or powdered/liquid paint in the street
  • These Bori community ladies take time to relax and chatter at Port Grand
  • Sparks away at MA Jinnah Road for the Diwali festival.
  • A cab driver takes a break in his yellow and black taxi
  • A family gets dressed up for an outing in the city
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