Exchange for Change

Exchange for Change is an exciting initiative by CAP that aims at improving relationships between school students in different countries. This program seeks to help students across borders realize that dialogue is not just possible but sustainable too. Through cross cultural communication we have realized that students can have a clearer understanding of their history, culture and lifestyles. CAP believes that such interaction will in turn lead to a positive change and eliminate cultural misconceptions and inter-generational conflict. A sustained exchange of letters, postcards, pictures, artwork and videos encourages children to form their own opinions. Currently this project is running in India and USA. EFC India 2013 2015 works with 5000 students from Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Dehli, Dehradun and Mumbai. EFC USA 2014 works with 250 students from Lahore, New York and Colorado.

  • Photos
  • Video
  • Pakistani Delegation Crossing the Wagah Border
  • EFC Participants playing the first ever cricket match literally between Pakistan and India
  • Pakistani Delegation at Taj Mahal, Agra
  • EFC Student writing a reply to his Indian friend
  • EFC Students looking at the collages received from India
  • Opening night of EFC exhibition in Lahore
  • EFC 2012 2013 A cultural performance for the Pakistani delegation
  • EFC 2012 2013 Pakistani and Indian students pose with cricket bats
  • EFC 2012 2013 Photography Series a collage by Indian student
  • EFC 2012 2013 Photography Series with students in Karachi
  • EFC 2012 2013 Photography Series with students in Pakistan
  • Historic cricket match played on the border of Pakistan and India
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