Dialogue with Pakistan

‘This is my story: Dialogue with Pakistan’ was a public exhibition and a social media awareness campaign that explored the impact of violence on the emotional and cognitive process of individuals and communities across the country.

The public exhibitions took place in Karachi and Lahore in September and October 2011, and featured the work of 16 artists who created works focusing on personal encounters with violence.

The project also included a blog competition, a radio awareness campaign, a street campaign and an interactive website.

Through ‘This is my story: Dialogue with Pakistan’, we hoped to begin a public discourse that draws linkages between the past and present impact of violence and displacement and derives approaches to resolve conflict in society.  This project was a step towards means of healing and reconciliation, to inspire hope and strength.

From June 13th to 16th 2011, The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) launched a city-wide anti-violence awareness campaign in the streets of Karachi and Lahore. This campaign involved engaging the masses in a dialogue about the impact of violence on individuals, families and communities in Pakistan.

Along side an interactive website, a blog was launched documenting the project. The projects official radio-media partners, CityFM89 and FM100 conducted radio awareness campaigns for the duration of this project.

A blog competition was conducted by the Express Tribune in July and August 2011 to get bloggers to write about their thoughts on the impact of violence on our nation.

Finally, our School Outreach Tour conducted a special session in their partner schools to engage students on dialogue on their personal experiences, and solutions to violence plaguing our country.

A series of seminars and workshops culminated into two multi-media exhibitions held in Karachi and Lahore in September and October 2011. The Karachi exhibit took place at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, and the Lahore exhibit at The National College of Arts. The exhibits explored personal narratives, video diaries, exhibits, oral histories, photographs and installations that explore memories and legacies of the past and present conflict in Pakistan.

  • Photos
  • CAP team campaigned for dialogue with Pakistan on the streets of Karachi
  • Locals of Karachi share their views on the current situation of the country
  • CAP members spoke to the citizens of Karachi about the current situation of the city
  • CAP team campaigned by spreading awareness on the streets of Karachi
  • A street child rests in his campaign shirt
  • A street child tries on a campaign shirt
  • Campaign shirts were handed out to street children to encourage dialogue and awareness
  • Dialogue with Pakistan poster
  • Campaign posters were put up in various parts of the city
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