CAP Outreach Tours

The program works with students to inculcate critical thinking skills, tolerance and peaceful values through an appreciation of history.

School Outreach Tours

The School Outreach Tours (SOT) program strives to inspire over 3600 children in Karachi and Lahore’s most low-income neighborhoods. We aim to educate children with our carefully planned syllabi. CAP’s lesson plans exceed the perimeter of basic knowledge and information. Our lesson plans focus on History, Geography, English Language, and more importantly on character building. Aside from motivating each individual child, our emphasis also lies in encouraging communities towards thinking logically and promoting equal gender parity through the use of film, spoken word and photography. With visual rendering as the foremost tool, we have designed various projects to inspire the youth.

College Outreach Tours

Moving ahead after the heartening success of the SOT program, CAP is now reaching out to over 4500 first and second year college students in Lahore and Karachi. The College Outreach Tours utilizes material from CAP’s archive to develop workshops. These workshops are based on civic sense, tolerance, democracy, constitutional rights, and invoke critical thinking as well as an understanding of the country’s history and heritage. The program is bilingual and includes research-based interactive activities designed to inculcate a broader vision of Pakistan.



  • Photos
  • Video
  • Students and their teacher share a moment just before they say their final goodbyes!
  • A group picture of S.M.Law boys as they commemorate the closing ceremony of the COT workshops
  • An interactive activity being conducted by one of our outreach members
  • Students at GGSS Jacob Lines School
  • Students give a presentation on the creation of Pakistan
  • Students viewing a patriotic speech by Quaid-E-Azam on Pakistan Day
  • Teacher training session being conducted by our National Director Education
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