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CAP Outreach Tours

ProjectsCAP Outreach Tours

CAP Outreach Tours is a unique initiative launched by CAP. The program works with students to inculcate critical thinking skills, tolerance and peaceful values through an appreciation of history.

School Outreach Tours

The CAP Outreach Tours are structured to teach Secondary School students (Classes 6-8) over a sustained period of three years. We work with low-income schools and  currently educate  more than 1700 students in  Karachi and 1000 students in Lahore.

CAP has developed an extensive 3 year curriculum which uses non-traditional media to deliver our message. We innovate for the classroom and use our archives to create activities and curricula with cartoons and animations, film screenings, quizzes, interactive art activities, puppet shows, debates and discussions. Our archive is rich with materials such as oral histories, archival video footage, photographs, newspapers, letters, official correspondence and other related materials which allow us to be creative and engage youth.

College Outreach Tours

Building on the momentum of the  School Outreach Tours, CAP has developed a College Outreach Tour which reaches out to First and Second Year college students. Through our College Outreach tours we work with students, enrolled in low-income colleges, to build their critical thinking skills and give them the confidence to think analytically and independently. CAP believes that this is not only a skill that will help each individual student through his or her lives and careers, but more significantly it is a small step towards building a more tolerant and peaceful society.

CAP Outreach Tours

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